Canoe Portage Park

This canoe portage and small boat landing is located off of River Road on the east side of the Wisconsin River. The landing provides excellent access to the beautiful Wisconsin River and the 1,377-acre Mosinee Flowage. The river area provides breath-taking scenery, world-class fishing, superb waterfowl hunting and inspiring wildlife viewing opportunities.

The Wisconsin River is considered as a first-class freshwater adventure route by canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts. Paddlers traveling downstream on the Wisconsin River use the landing to portage around the Mosinee Mill Dam which is located just south of the landing site. There is a direct-line telephone located on the portage site for paddlers to arrange for free portage transportation (courtesy of the Wausau Paper Corporation) from the canoe portage to Chuck's Boat Landing, which is located below the Mosinee Dam at the east end of Fremont Street.

In 2007, the Wausau Paper Corporation generously granted the City an easement to the canoe portage area for the purpose of allowing the City to complete improvements to the landing area. With the assistance of Community Sensitive Design Funds from the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the boat landing improvements were completed in October 2009 and the portage area now includes a new concrete boat ramp, a new floating dock, and a gravel parking area which can accommodate approximately four vehicles.

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