Edgewood Park


This large 15-acre community park area is currently being improved to provide additional recreational facilities to our residents and visitors. The park is located at the east end of Edgewood Drive in the southern part of the city and has been adopted by the Mosinee Lions Club.

The park presently includes a full basketball court, fenced-in regulation soccer field, concrete culvert, concrete climbing animals, picnic tables, slide, swing set, monkey bars, junior whirl, and a 4-seat bouncer.

When fully developed, the park will also include a children's play area, softball field, tennis court, and hiking and biking areas. Additional information pertaining to the future development of Edgewood Park can be obtained by calling Mosinee City Hall at 693-2275 or e-mailing clerks@mosinee.wi.us.

Click here for a park map