Application Process


The following is a simplified description of our application and employment process.

This process is a sample of what a potential candidate will experience when going through a hiring process. Please note that the activities may vary slightly for the different positions. If you have any questions or comments, please call us at (715) 693-2275 or email us.

Step 1: Complete the Application Form

All applications for employment must be completed on application forms provided by the City of Mosinee. Resumes without an application form will not be considered.

You may obtain an application by requesting one from the City Clerks Office by phone at (715) 693-2275, via e-mail at, or by clicking on the Application link next to your desired position.

Step 2: Application/Resume Review

The Personal and Finance Committee will review the applications based on the job requirements as outlined in the job description.

Step 3: Selection of Qualified Applications/Interview

Applicants chosen from the initial application review process will be invited for an interview. The interview will consist of a panel - the Personnel and Finance Committee and department officials.

Step 4: Panel Recommendation and Checks

The interview panel/Personnel and Finance Committee will make a recommendation to the City Council as to who they would like to hire.

Candidate Checks
Appropriate background checks, physicals, drug screens, psychological tests, etc. (dependent upon position)

Reference Checks
At least two positive reference checks from previous employers

Notification of the Applicant
Each person competing in the selection process shall be given written notice of his/her status within reasonable time of the completion of the process.

Step 5: Applicant Hired

The City Council will vote to hire the person at a City Council meeting.