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Waste Management-Refuse and Recycling in the same truck


Room Tax Letter to Wisconsin State Legislature

Earlier this week, Mayor Jacobson sent a letter to each member of the Wisconsin State Assembly and Wisconsin State Senate calling for new legislation to reconsider changes to Wisconsin’s room tax law, which are scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2017. Currently, the City of Mosinee forwards over 50% of the room tax revenue it collects to a regional tourism entity. If the changes take effect as scheduled, the City of Mosinee will be required to forward thousands of additional dollars in room tax revenue to a tourism entity. A copy of Mayor Jacobson’s letter can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

Letter to Wisconsin State Legislature from Mayor Jacobson


City residents will notice a new refuse and recycling collection truck starting January 1st, 2016. Residents in some parts of the City will also have their collection day changed.

At the November 9th, 2015 City Council meeting, the City Council approved a 5 year contract with Waste Management to provide manual collection of refuse and recycling. Waste Management will be picking up refuse and recycling over the following 3 weekdays: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Residents in some parts of the City will have their collection day changed. Please review the map on the link below for your scheduled pickup day.

Waste Management will be picking up both refuse and recycling in the same truck. The truck is designed with storage areas for both garbage and recycling. Reassured, the Marathon County Landfill will not allow them dump recyclable goods in the landfill.

Residents may also rent containers (Refuse and Recycling) from Waste Management for a cost of $5/month per container. Waste Management offers three sizes – 35 gallon, 65 gallon and 96 gallon toters. To rent carts from Waste Management please call 1-888-960-0008.

If you are considering purchasing a new garbage or recycling cart, please consider buying a cart no larger than 96 gallons, with wheels and a pickup bar in the front. Most stores sell models similar to the one pictured on the left in 32 gallon, 64 gallon and 96 gallon sizes. We recommend using a 65 gallon or 96 gallon cart for recycling.

If you have any questions, call City Hall at 715- 693-2275 or email at

Refuse and Recycling Map - Effective Jan. 1st 2016


At the December 14, 2015 meeting the City of Mosinee Common Council approved a new landscape design plan for the State Highway 153 roundabout located in the downtown area. The project will include the removal of the existing landscaping plants/materials from the center of the roundabout island; and new trees, shrubs, perennials and decorative rock materials will then be installed within the roundabout island. You can review the colored 3-D elevation rendering which depicts the new roundabout landscaping here……. The City is anticipating that the roundabout landscaping project will be completed by July 2016.

Roundabout - Design Plan 1
Roundabout - Design Plan 2

City of Mosinee embracing technology to improve meeting efficiency

The City of Mosinee recently launched IQM2’s Legislative Management platform including Live and On-Demand Video Streaming. IQM2’s software synchronizes online video with Agendas, Meeting Minutes and the City Council meeting information packet. Using this software, the Mayor and City Council are now using Microsoft Surface Pro tablets during meetings to view the meeting packet. Going “paperless” was a big step but it will provide immediate savings in paper costs, copying costs and staff time. The City of Mosinee is committed to using technology to drive citizen engagement and governing efficiency. In addition to the great internal process efficiencies the City obtains using this software, citizens will now be able to watch and search public meeting information from any place in the world via the citizen public meeting portal. We know our residents are busy and it is often difficult for them to attend our public meetings so now they can stay involved at their convenience. Citizens are able to watch the portion of the meeting that they are interested in with a single click while reviewing all the relevant supporting documents. We are delighted at the transparency this is bringing to the City and the community. We urge our residents to take advantage of these wonderful services at

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