TIF #3 Information Page


In September 2011, the City of Mosinee Common Council approved a Downtown Development Plan which provides a current assessment of the downtown area and the plan also identified future redevelopment & development opportunities with the downtown area. In 2012, the American Planning Association presented the City of Mosinee with a national Outstanding Small Town Plan Award for the Mosinee Downtown Development Plan.

The Mosinee Downtown Development Plan also included a recommendation that the City create a Tax Increment District (TID) in the downtown area that could provide assistance with funding for a variety of downtown enhancement purposes, including property acquisition, infrastructure improvements and grants for building facade improvements. Therefore, I am writing to inform you that the City of Mosinee has developed a draft plan for the City’s proposed creation of Downtown Tax Incremental District No. 3 (the “District”) in order to promote redevelopment and blight removal within the proposed District boundaries. In accordance with Wisconsin State Statutes, the City of Mosinee has preliminarily determined that at least 50% of the area identified within the designated boundaries of the District qualify as being in need of blight elimination.

This designation is being made for the purposes of allowing for the possible use of Tax Incremental Financing to assist in the construction of public improvements, building facade improvements and to provide other incentives for development and redevelopment in the proposed District boundaries. This designation is also more explicitly being made for the purpose of affording the City with the opportunity to apply for grants to assist with public improvements and the redevelopment of properties located within the District boundaries.

The City strongly believes that the proposed Tax Increment District will significantly assist with ensuring the future viability of the historic downtown area which is an essential asset of our great community!


Jeff Gates

Jeff Gates

City Administrator