Citizens Against Drug Dealers (CADD)


Concerned citizens want to assist law enforcement in the fight against drugs in our schools and community. You can help too. REPORT DRUG DEALERS. Individuals reporting drug dealers can receive a substantial monetary reward. PLEASE CALL: 715-261-7890

Information related to any drug activity that may help in apprehending an offender which results in an arrest will be reviewed and a cash amount may be rewarded to the informant. Money can be used to pay confidential informants for actively participating in drug buys under the direction of law enforcement. Due to the sensitive nature of drug investigations, information received by law enforcement may need to be kept confidential.

Our goal is to support law enforcement personnel financially so they can focus on the needed resources and time to apprehend drug dealers. Money will be used for the above purposes and will not be used to supplement officer salaries or any other budgetary items. Tax free contributions to support CADD can be mailed to:

C/O Wausau Police Department
515 Grand Ave
Wausau, WI 54403

CADD is a non profit organization, operated by volunteers.